10-21 NEXO (Portuguese)

10-11 Artnet News (California on Fire mention)

10-09 TIME Magazine (print & online interview)

08-31 LA Weekly (eloquent mention)

08-31 KCET - interview



07-12 American Photo Magazine - Interview

03-31 Palm Springs Life - Interview (print & online)

03-21 Huffington Post - Terrible Beauty of California's Wildfires

03-18 GIZMODO - This Timelapse of Californian Wildfires is Absolutely Apocalyptic

03-18 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICStunning Time-lapse Shows Beauty and Danger of Wildfires

03-15 Daily Mail (UK) - In the Line of Fire

02-28 HYPEBEAST - Watch a Timelapse Video of a Massive Forest Fire

02-26 Wildfire Today - Great Photography of Wildfire

02-25 VICE Creators Project - Daring Filmmaker Shoots a Timelapse in a Forest Fire (interview)

01-20 SHIFTER MEDIA 30FPS - an art book collaboration with Daniel Milnor


10-09 TEDxCERN - TED talk at CERN!

10-07 CERN - Video interview about working at CERN using the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) to create art

08-26 Huffington Post - My Narrow Wildfire Escape (blog post)

08-05 NBC The Today Show - short interview about getting stuck in a nasty situation while making the fire film

08-05 Napa Valley Register - Fire Chaser Jeff Frost Takes a Break in Calistoga

07-24 VICE - interview where I discuss creating visuals for U2's tour, working at CERN and ripping off Columbia House many years ago 


09-22 Colossal - Circle of Abstract Ritual: A Stop Motion Timelapse Created from 300,000 Photos of Wildfires, Painted Houses, and Riots

09-20 The Dish (Andrew Sullivan) - A Short Film for Saturday

09-20 Gizmodo - This is the weirdest and most beautiful time lapse I've ever seen

09-20 PetaPixel - Super Trippy Time Lapse Coverse Everything From Riots to Decaying Roadkill

09-18 Huffington Post - Chasing Fire blog by Jeff Frost

09-17 VICE - 300,000 Photos Offer A Glimpse Into California's Gritty Underbelly

08-23 Smogranch - Save your "Likes," Buy a Print - Dan Milnor blogs about buying prints from Jeff Frost

07-01 Cercle Magazine - "No. 2 Science Fiction" - print feature, short interview

05-27 Huffington Post - This is What it Looks Like When a Wildfire Threatens Your Home

01-31 Planet5D - "Story of Abstract Ritual: Jeff Frost's Journey Into a Nomadic Lifestyle"

01-13 KCET LA - "Video Artist Jeff Frost Decouples Time and Space" (interview by Holly Willis)

01-01 Blurb Books January Newsletter (interview)



10-28 WIRED Raw File - "Hundreds of Thousands of Images Unite for Ultra-Creepy Animation"

10-10 NPR LA - 89.3 KPPC - Making the News Into Art

09-19 EMAHO Magazine - "If you figure me out, call me!" (interview, one of my favorites!)

09-11 LIVEFAST! Interview Series: Jeff Frost

09-05 Planet5D - Jeff Frost combines timelapse with news and optical illusions to make fantastic art!

08-29 SLR Lounge - Modern Ruin: Black Hole

08-23 Brooklyn Street Art - Film Friday featuring Modern Ruin

08-18 First Showing - Kickstart This: Jeff Frost's Mesmerizing Time Lapse Art 'Modern Ruin'

08-16 VICE - 150,000 Photographs, Riots, Wildfires, And Optical Illusions Make For A Compelling Time-Lapse Film

05-15 Artribune (Italian) - War Paint for Trees: When Film Reinvents Landscape

04-24 RESOURCE Magazine - Interview

04-23 Stash Media - Vimeo Moves Into Content Creation with Brand Creative Fund

03-07 Blur + Sharpen - Blog by USC Film Professor, Holly Willis (very cool!)



The Atlantic - A Jaw-Dropping Time-Lapse Video of Optical Illusions in Abandoned Houses

NPR - Fresh Air on tumblr

DISCOVER - Bad Astronomy Blog by Phil Plait - A Little Sunset CARMA

Discovery - The Next Evolution in Time Lapse Looks Like This - Illusions are even better in 3D - Absolute Best Optical Illusions of 2012

COLOSSAL - A Time Lapse of Optical Illusions in the American Wes

Laughing Squid - Flawed Symmetry of Prediction, An Experimental Time-Lapse Film

The Creators Project (Vice & Intel)

l'Oeil De Links - CANAL+ (French TV broadcast) 

SMOGRANCH - What are you? The Jeff Frost Enigma by Daniel Milnor

Blurb Books Blog - Talking Enhanced eBooks with Artist Jeff Frost

Brooklyn Street Art

It's Okay to Be Smart

Eyeteeth blog of Paul Schmelzer



Elite Daily

Empty Kingdom

All City Blog - Flawed Symmetry of Prediction



All City Blog - On the Inside Looking Out