War Paint for Trees examines death as a magical transmutation. Considering the fact that we may very well have atoms in our bodies that were created in the big bang itself, death truly can be viewed as a beautiful transformation. So I went to the high deserts of the Mojave in southern California and created living breathing art out of Joshua Trees that had died several years back in a wildfire. Before filming began my friend and mentor, steave, was diagnosed with stage four cancer and was told he had only weeks to live. In between working on this film and four others simultaneously, I visited him as often as I could in the hospital. One night I asked what his greatest lesson in life was, and he said, "Live life the way you think it ought to be lived. Do what you think is right; don’t live by anyone else’s edicts." I would like to share his parting wisdom, and wish him well on the next leg of his journey. Goodbye, steave. 


As the shadow of night falls across the American West a lone man begins his work. Far from the confines, calamity, and culture of society, multimedia artist and storyteller Jeff Frost sifts through the visual dregs of places and people who once were.

Combining still and time-lapse photography with motion, music, and art, Frost reveals a world rarely seen. Rooted in science and the exploration of space, Frost’s work explodes with light, fire, and sound, utilizing 2D and 3D perspective, leading the viewer on a unique visual journey through worlds both real and imagined.

- written by the amazing photographer and human being, Daniel Milnor